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How It Works With Erus Energy

We Make Solar Energy Easy

So you want to know if a solar energy system would be right for you? Find out if you qualify, get your solar energy system, and start to save money!


One of our trained professionals will meet with you and review your situation, working with you to find out if you qualify, what is the best system for your home, what financing is available, and the tax benefits you could earn. This is a NO OBLIGATION service — we determine if saving money with a solar energy system is right for YOU, without cost or obligation.

With over 8,000 installations and 12 years of experience, we know how to design your system to give you the most benefit. We’re the industry leader, and we got there because we design and deliver quality systems to meet our clients’ needs. Let us show you what we can do to help you save money with solar.

Some systems allow you to store extra energy your panels produce in a battery system.  These systems can be designed so that you have electricity even during power outages. You could be the envy of the neighborhood during the next storm!


Our experienced professionals work with you to determine if your home is suitable for a solar energy system. If it is, we work with you to select the payment option that works best for you from the various options available. Once you qualify, your system can be up and operating in just a few days and you can start enjoying the rewards of your decision. Then you just sit back, enjoy the savings from your secure investment, and brag about your financial smarts.


Your system will include a number of panels, depending on your energy needs, your location, and the available surface for panels. We use panels that are built to last of top quality materials. These panels have a 25-year warranty, the longest warranty in the industry. Because you only want to install one system, you want it installed right, and you want it to work now and into the future.

We use trained Erus Energy employees to install our solar energy systems. We do not subcontract this work, so we save you time and money, and we can directly ensure the quality of the work. We give you a single contact point — your Erus Energy representative — to make it easy for you. We take you through the installation to turning on the system and beginning to enjoy the money-saving benefits of solar energy!

You purchase any electricity you use over and above what your panels bring in from your power company. If your system creates more electricity than you use, your power company may purchase that electricity from you and give you credits to use during cloudy weather or when days are shorter and your system is less productive. Make sure your system is the right size for your needs by contacting our experienced professionals.

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Your next step is to contact us to see if you can take advantage of the money-saving benefits of solar energy. We can offer zero money down solar and NO money out of pocket to many clients.

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No Money Down! No Money Out Of Pocket! 803-764-5253

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No Money Down! No Money Out Of Pocket!

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